Beer, beer, beer!! God’s nectar has been roaming these parts of the world since man started harvesting, that’s a long time. Beer has evolved throughout the centuries and our thirst for this intoxicant beverage still carries the same connotation of the past, to celebrate and get tossed up!!!

Fast forward, today craft beers has exploded in the beer industry. Grass root, unconventional craft beer breweries are giving the man (men) a run for their money. Coors, Miller and Anheuser Busch are quickly taking notes from these mom and pop breweries. Change is good, so why are these small breweries making BIG noise? Easy, you eat the same shit everyday, you get tired of it. Craft beers breweries have added color to the beer world, it’s no longer black and white. There are wide ranges of flavors, colors, aroma and hybrid beers available. It’s like a kid in a candy store and overwhelming!

Now, I am not an expert fermentalogist, I’m not a beer Cicerone, I’m a novice at this. I have enjoyed beer all my life, but when I discovered craft beers, I was exstactic and had a major hard-on and wanted to share my experience with you.

So as I am exploring the beer world, (segment full disclaimer approaching!!!) please pardon my terminology and excuse my ignorance because I am an infant on this subject.

The blog is to share my experiences, grow, learn and enlighten those who share the same excitement as I do for beer. I will be visiting some local breweries, pubs, gastropubs, bars, taverns and recollect passed beer excursions, take a gander at beer history, movie reviews, and all that encampuses beer.

Feel free to voice your opinions and suggestions, and drop me a line anytime. Cheers!

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