Copper Kettle Brewing Co , Colorado – Mexican Chocolate Stout


So I’ve been trying to get my hands on this coveted Mexican Chocolate Stout for awhile now. You see, its only made and sold in Colorado. Through back channels, and favors. My buddy Leroy, smuggled this bad boy across state lines! So, this beer, I had to treat special. What I did, was matched its journey. I climbed La Tuna Mountain, and at the top of the world, enjoyed this coveted Stout overlooking the San Fernando and Los Angeles basin. I earned every bit, for this beer, it was destiny.

It was  a cool Saturday morning, hazy and the sun peeking in and out of the heavens. It was a 4 mile bike climb, not too bad, I haven’t ridden in awhile, but I was motivated! Check out the video below and watch my journey.

After a grueling climb, I was looking forward to sipping on this beer. First Impression, was the art and info on the label, it was elaborate and informative, it even had pairing food info that complimented the experience of drinking this beer. I popped open the beer, and a lava flow of suds poured out, and I started salivating immediately! The bottle says “best served at 50* degrees” and it was about that temp, when i popped it open…I tasted it, and it had a chile spicy kick, didn’t taste any hints of chocolate, there is a fine alcohol winey taste at the end. There are lots a flavors put in this bad boy, that for sure. This beer is not for the quaint beer consumer, you really would need to be very open about drinking this beer. I enjoyed sipping and enjoying the flavors of the beer, its not a thirst quincher, but a laid back beer. The beer is highly touted, check out the review –Mexican Chocolate Stout – Copper Kettle Brewing Company

Overall, I had a great ride up the hill, and the beer was rewarding. I would re-visit drinking this beer, but I wouldn’t put this beer on my list of 5 best Stouts. Till next time, cheers!

~ by Golden Foam Notes on February 22, 2015.

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