Chimay Reserve “Blue” Review – The Holy Lord of Beers!

Chimay Reserve - Blue

Chimay Reserve – Blue


It’s an honor to bring back guest Golden Foam Notes  blogger – GOP Ian; without further ado…


Hello boys and girls, welcome back, to GOP’s adventures in GFN. Today I will be reviewing the KING of beers, or at the very least the Duke or something. This is a beer I have enjoyed several times but am only now getting around to reviewing it. It is great, it is awesome, it is everything you wanted your date at the prom to be, but it only costs $10 and comes with a GUARANTEE to satisfy! That’s right, I am talking about the one and only Chimay Reserve, also known as Chimay “Blue.” What’s so special about this beer you ask? Read on.


In 1862, there was a little abbey founded in the town of Chimay (Belgium). These were God fearing, peace loving folk, but also big fans of God’s nectar, can you blame them? They figured they had 2 choices: a) Survive off charitable donations, OR… b) brew beer to pay for everything they needed, including having beer on tap to drink at any time and having money to donate to charitable causes. Uhh, they chose option B. The Chimay brand of Ale was born, and they were one of the first “Trappist” style ale’s brewed. To this day there are only 10 abbeys which have approval to sell “Trappist” style Ales, known for their high quality, very tasty beer! This stuff is made of natural ingredients locally sourced, well water from within the abbey itself and brewed by masters who have passed the knowledge down from generation to generation, working in the same way they pray, leaving nothing on the table.


This beer sounds perfect right? Well almost… I always felt the alcohol was just a bit too present. At 9% it’s on the high end, but the flavor of the beer is so rich that you can look past it. I was wondering why other high alcohol percent beers I have tried didn’t taste quite as sharp and after doing a little research I found what the most likely problem was…. It was selling too fast! You see, the yeast that makes this beer so mmmm is still alive in the bottle and continuing to improve the mmmm of the beer. But, when this stuff hits the shelf, people snatch it up and drink it before the yeast has had a chance to eat and poop out enough of the alcohol to make it feel smooth. In other words, the beer has not hit its full mmmm potential. So what did I do for this review? I aged a bottle for 3 months.


Chimay - Date Stamp

Chimay – Date Stamp

I opened up the 750ml bottle and was blasted with the full, glorious aroma of yeast, caramel, fruits and sexiness. Out poured the brownish-red elixir, glug-glug-glug, while a white mist lazily drifted out of the bottle… ahh, Chimay you make me feel like a young republican executing his first stock option. The head formed very quickly, too quickly… had to stop pouring as the foam was at the brim of my goblet while the beer was only half way up. Wait a bit then continued on until I had a ¾ full glass.


Now before I go on, I just want to make sure you realize I already love this beer and knew what to expect on the taste front. The remaining question was whether the aging tempered the only… less than perfect aspect of this beer. YES IT DID. It went down smoother than a democrat making promises he knows he can’t keep. The bite was gone, and was transformed into a warm tingliness going down the throat. The beer was now perfect. There are some fruity elements, a creamy-bready flavor, a bit of caramel in there somewhere and just loads of overall flavor. It seems tasty across the entire tongue so this is a beer you can pretty much drink any way you want, no need to sip or gulp.


Blue Label

Blue Label

What do I rate this? Do I go with a 10 and presume this is as good as it can possibly get? Might be foolish. Do I give it a 9 even though it’s the best beer I have ever had? Hmm, this is a problem. The solution is to pick neither! This is a solid 9.5/10 on the GOP scale and if I don’t find a better beer in the next year or two, I would just bump it up to a 10. My friends, do not hesitate to lay down some cash for this beer, and remember it is the CHIMAY Reserve or Blue.   Keep your goblets full, your belt uncinched and your tab open. Until then friends, until then.


~ by Golden Foam Notes on November 19, 2014.

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