My 40th Surprise Bday @ Angel City Brewery

Steve 40 Flyer So it was my birthday weekend, and the big 40 has been looming over me for several weeks now. I was reflecting on my life, friends and beer, and my emotions were going through a roller coaster ride these past few weeks. Thoughts about my trials and tribulations with beer and life. There were some good times and… man, there were some bad, but more good than bad.

Like, the first time I had an alcoholic beverage, I think I was six or seven, my Mom gave me a sip of her wine, and it tasted like a Baboons ass! Sour and unenjoyable, I was like… “WTH, people drink this crap?” I think my Mom was trying to discourage me from drinking, too bad my Dad had other thoughts.

My Dad was the first to give me a beer, not a full beer, but a mere sip of his beer. After he came back from work, he would kick off his shoes, lay on the couch put on the Lakers game and asked me to go to the fridge and fetch him a beer. I would open it for him and he would say ” Go ahead, take a sip”  – scared but curious, I would smell the beer, not too intimidating, the bubbles would touch my nose and down the hatch. My first impression was refreshing, not a Baboon’s ass! Those sips turned into gulps and by age 13, I think I could have downed a whole beer bottle in seconds, my beer muscles where in finely tuned at a very young age.  I never got buzzed, it was more of a refreshing beverage at the time, until I went to Jr. High School -ditching parties, that’s when my beer innocents took a mischievous turn.

Ditching parties gave me, a whole new definition to beer and beer drinking. Beer enticed us to play games like “spin the bottle” The girls always cheated, they had 10 layers of clothing, the boys always willing to be taunting around in their berfday suits! We drank 40oz of Mickeys, Old English, St.Ides, a slew of malt liquors for a reasonable price of 99 cents! This is when beer correlated with socialization mixed with teenage angst. This relationship with beer lasted for a solid decade.

As I graduated from college and my young family at tow, beer turned into a beverage of celebration, a celebration of accomplishing some life great feat. From my college graduation, marriage, baby showers, this golden froth beverage was always around. Drinking with family members and close friends, and reflecting on our past, talking about sports or important current topics, like Twerking, Gangnam Style and Kanyashian.

So as my Bday was approaching, I naturally wanted to celebrate, but in a low key fashion, I wasn’t thrilled about turning 40 but I wasn’t sad, it was like “Whateva”

I was texting friends and family through the week, to go out and celebrate my Bday, I just wanted to grab some beers and watch a game with friends and family. No disco clubs, no punk rock shows and no Chili’s b-day dinner…just beer and a good ole fashion baseball game along with some shits and giggles,

But everybody was putting me off, “Hey Steve can’t make it, im out of town, next time, I owe you a beer” ….or “ I have a prior engagement, I’ll call you if I can make it”…or my wife “Why don’t you go out with the guys, I got some things to do and we can celebrate your bday, on Sunday”… I was cool and calm, it didn’t bother me, I don’t get worked up these days, life is too short and besides, I pick and choose my battles, ahhhh the pleasures of old age and wisdom.

My bro and Lou Dog, wanted to hang out for my Bday. They wanted to hit Little Tokyo, have lunch, bar hop and watch the game. So, I was game. Like I said, my emotions have been up and down, and I wasn’t too excited about turning 40. Again, I was like “Whateva”

We started at the FarBar – imagine this, walking down a sidewalk, filled with Japanese boutiques. Tourists and familes shopping; comic book shops, clothing shops, sports stores etc…and then there was this gate that entered an alley, about 3 feet in width, between to old brick buildings, we walked down about 300 feet  and you hear chimes of glasses working in symphony and people lounging on park benches, we reached the end of the alley and appears a bar. If those buildings could talk I betcha they had stories to tell. The bar is secluded from the public view, and it begged the question, if at one point, the bar was a Speak Easy bar. They had some great beers on tap, Ohana, Craftmen, just to name a few. I had the Ohana Saison, we ordered some appetizers, had the some mini burgers, dumplings, tacos. Very tasty appetizers, they had an outdoor TV screen for the sport fan patrons, I would re-visit this place again.

Next stop – the Nirvana Bar – name alone screams the Orient. I was not impressed,  but they had $2 dollars Sapro pints -not shabby. I had the feeling that the bar was under new ownership, very little patrons but then again it was about 6pm in the afternoon. The bathroom was a trip, it had a eerie Matrix movie feel to it. Neon aqua lights, and white subway tiles, as I looked into the mirror, I swear I thought Neo was going to appear from behind. By this time, I was feeling buzzed but coherent and could have passed the sobriety field test, the physical part of the test, of course.

We soon walked over to Angel City Brewery,  my bro and Lou Dog took pictures of Little Tokyo and we were shooting the shit during this brisk 10 min walk to the brewery. The day was what I envisioned, spending time with an old Jedi friend and my Vato Bro and we were moving along but it felt like it was still, I was enjoying every minute of it.

Then the night transitioned and morphed into a greater night, a height of Nirvana. As I entered Angel City Brewery, I bumped into an old co-worker, I was like WTH? (scratching my head)- within seconds I was greeted by my wife and I was like WTF??? -and she resounded with a “SURPRISE”…turns out my wife, Lou Dog/wife, and my Bro coordinated a month long surprise party. And the night was a memorable celebration and, yes, my old friend BEER was there to help celebrate the moment! Enough of my rant, the pics tell a thousand words. Love all of you! Por Vida – cheers! Till next time.


Bday Pics Pic 6 Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 pic 4
image (1) image (2) image (3) image image (4) image (5) image (9) image (10) image (7) image (8) image (6)

~ by Golden Foam Notes on July 29, 2014.

One Response to “My 40th Surprise Bday @ Angel City Brewery”

  1. I hope you turn 40 every year! lol It was a very fun night!

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