Bukowski Tavern Unveils R.I.P. Beer Series | Boston Magazine

a_560x375Bukowski Tavern Unveils R.I.P. Beer Series | Boston Magazine. Oh my, wish i could have drank a beer with Buko! Looks like Boston crafter beer companies are joining forces to create Buko’s limited line of beer series. Los Angeles, we should have made this first! What a travesty!

~ by Golden Foam Notes on June 15, 2014.

3 Responses to “Bukowski Tavern Unveils R.I.P. Beer Series | Boston Magazine”

  1. Yesterday, my wife went to Costco and brought me home a 22oz Wookey Jack Black Rye IPA made by Firestone. I didn’t know what to expect since the beer was picked at random so I went in with no expectations. From the moment I opened the bottle, I knew it was a quality beer. The smell was nutty and kind of sweet. When I began to pour it into my large glass, I knew it was going to be close… slowly the DARK beer filled the glass and the head, which I have learned is a GOOD thing to have, began to approach the brim. By the time I finished, the head was 1.5 inches tall and the glass was completely full with no room left at all. “It looks like Guinness” I thought. The flavor was very strong, with fruit tones in there. I gave my wife a sip and she told me it tasted like the fruit Lychee. I realized she had nailed it. The flavor was rich with a light bitter finish but not too bad. Carbonation was middle of the road, and while I didn’t check the alcohol percentage, it definitely had a kick. I was buzzing when I had about a quarter left. I would definitely buy this beer again as it tasted great and gave me a quality buzz, but I would look for it in a 6 pack, as the single 20oz bottle cost about $7 at Costco.

  2. GOP here. Getting krunk on La Fin Du Monde tonight. A fine beer from what the reviews say. Also available at Costco. Stay micro, my friends.

    • Hi GOP! Remember our discussions about, what contributions has Canada brought to the table? Well, La Fin beer is Canadian and damn good! Quebeq is known for their beers, and you have yourself a fine classy golden froth there! So, enjoy the Canadian beer there for the 4th! Freedom aint she beautiful!

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