Washington State Beers!!


Washington state takes it up another notch…again! Seattle’s grunge scene ; Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, the list can go, they had me wearing flannels, dirt stained Levi’s, smelling like BO and awwwww… who can forget the stage dive. That was so ef-fin cool.

Then my Seahawks!! – my guys Cortez Kennedy, Steve Largent and my newbie Sherman, are my favorite hawks, and spanking them ponies during the SuperBowl!! Ouch, icing on the cake!!

And now this – Washington Beer is bomb!!!  I had the opportunity to drink  the Evergreen State’s finest golden brew, compliments of my buddy Kevin, who resides in Washington. Shout out to him – Muchos garcias amigo!

Iron Horse Brewery – Irish Death – This one had a great kick to it – pushing 7.8 abv – sweet roast taste – sticky. It’s an Ale – but can easily be mistaken for a porter because of it coffee like appearance. This beer is a kick back, hanging out in the garage type, while cleaning up or jamming IMG_0350out to Nirvana “All apologies”.  And for sure a quality beer that I would re-visit.

Fremont – Interurban IPA – I was tired of the IPA style beers, I thought they were over rated- tasted all types and I was not impressed. Too bitter, for my liking, and made my chest hairs grow like a chia pet – until I meet her, Fremont’s Interurban IPA – I am convinced that the water in WA, is making these beers superior. The beer smelled fruity and you can taste the spices that makes this golden love potion enjoyable. It had a quick bite at the end, but nothing too overpowering. This beer is going to make me re-think about IPA beers.

Elysian – Super fuzz Blood Orange Pale  – I saved the best for last! This beer left a great impression. I was skeptical about the Blood Orange recipe. I thought it would be to complex and my expectations were low. Boy, was I in for a treat. This beer is refreshing, I had to double check that it wasn’t a lager! This would be a perfect summer/spring type beer. It satisfied my pallet. It had a good 2 inch head, indicating the spices/and aromas were capitulated in my glass (picture adjacent) – carbonation present and kinda high for an Pale Ale, which I personally like. I don’t remember any poignant bitterness and as I expected, I read plenty of good reviews. Too bad I couldn’t find this beer and the other beers, in my local watering holes. So, Kevin, I guess I’m gonna make a trip up north soon, and visit all these bomb-ass breweries! Thank you and cheers!

~ by Golden Foam Notes on February 12, 2014.

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