The importance of GOOD HEAD!!!

Did I get your attention cochinos! Yes, good beer head is important. I found this article and had some interesting facts, here are some highlights and the link. The pic below is a Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orane Pale, from Seattle, i’ll blog about it shortly. Cheers!

A big, frothy head helps release aroma and does it over time, making a beer taste better, longer.


“when you pour? Don’t tilt your glass! Kuplent and others recommend holding the glass flat and pouring down the middle”

“Also, always make sure that glass is “beer clean,” Owens says. Soap spots or oil from fingers will cause the head to fall apart, costing you aroma”


~ by Golden Foam Notes on January 19, 2014.

2 Responses to “The importance of GOOD HEAD!!!”

  1. You are slacking. Blog again!

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