Craft beer tour in Los Angeles

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Beer brewery tours in Los Angeles! What a new concept and why not tap into the growing local business of craft beer breweries! Dale and Pat run this tour and have been doing it for approximately two years. The concept of the tour branched from their hey day beer drinking binges in San Diego. They do runs in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. My buddy “da big Lou” joined me this past Saturday 3/11/13 along with mutual beer loving patrons. Dale was our beer guide for the day, who was very knowledgable, approachable and patient. The first spot we hit was the newly renovated Angel City Brewery – This place kept the nostalgic feel of old industrial Los Angeles with a twist of contemporary furnituring. Oh and the beers were delicious, my favorite was the French Sip, it was a dark, like an Ale but crisp like a lager, not sure what type of style beer it was but sure left a great impression with me, i can just taste it now!! Our next stop was Golden Road Brewery, I can not tell you how much I dig this joint. I have mentioned Golden Rd several times in my blog. They showcase their flagship beers and guest beers. I even enjoyed the commuter train that passes, which is a throw stone away, traveling at mach speeds and blowing its Tex Rex horn that echoes through out the breweries tin structure! By this time, I was feeling real good, next and last stop was Eagle Rock Brewery I heard alot about this brewery and is credited to being an early pioneer of the craft beer brewery in Los Angeles. Nestled, in a neighborhood, near the most infamous notorious gangs in LA, Aves Gang. The surroundings may look intimidating but once in the brewery, you are welcomed by the large fermenting tanks and 600 sq ft tasting room. Although the tasting room is small, it provides an intimate setting and the cozy staff made you feel right at home. Dale treated us to the first round and I had the honor to taste the Unionist, a Belgian style ale beer. It was very tasty, the aroma was poignant and you can taste a potpourri of ingredients. This brewery will definitely be in my rotation. Overall all the tour was great, the price was cheap and hey, it beats getting a DUI charge. Our group all got along and met some real neat folks. Click here for pics. Info at

~ by Golden Foam Notes on March 2, 2013.

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