Belmont Brewing Co, Long Beach CA

I heard a lot about the Belmont Brewing Co. A family member was hosting his anniversary here, and it was a great opportunity to check out this famous brewery. Once you walked into BBC (Belmont Brewing Co) you immediately are drawn to the fermentation and serving tanks. I read that 1000 barrels are brewed every year. I began and ended the night drinking their flagship beer, a strong dark chocolate stout/porter ale called the “Long Beach Crude” it had a roast taste, with a hint of dark chocolate. Low carbonation, not too much head and it went down smooth. Historically, stouts/porters originated around the ports (thus called porter) of England, Scotland, and Ireland and Long Beach made this beer feel right at home. To compliment my beverage I ordered the Mayan chicken, very juicy and tasty and the Bleu salad, sprinkled with roasted honey walnuts, accentuated the salad. The food was good, nothing spectacular. The beers and setting, carries the liveliness of this Brewery. The staff was attentive and friendly. We had a large party and service was on point. With good beers, great company, good food and a stunning setting, the night was splendid. Photos

~ by Golden Foam Notes on October 9, 2012.

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