Dodger Game 7-03-2012

Pre 4th celebration – AHH, Hamburger and Fries, milk and cookies, bread and butter, you get the point. Beer and a good Baseball game go hand and hand. We started the night young and did some pre game celebration @ El Compadre Mex restaurant (Echo Park, Los Angeles). The night started off with a controversy. As I browsed through El Compadre’s beer menu, I noticed that”Negro Modelo” was printed instead of “Negra Modelo” Humm so it spurred some debate. As we know, Spanish has masculine and feminine syntax Grupo Modelo SAB de Cv labels their beer “Negra Modelo” which combines (female/male) syntax. We still don’t know what is the proper expression, so we agreed to disagree.
Next we headed over to LA’s historical monument, Dodger stadium. Once we entered the stadium, we headed towards the beer stands. They had all the pop Beers: Bud, Bud light, etc. Then I saw a Gordon Beirsch aka GB’s bottle, 16 oz, I believe? I choose the GB’s Hefeweizen. It was served in a plastic bottle, for safety precaution. To my surprise, the beer smelled really fruity and tasted fruity. Hefeweizens are a wheat beer, that falls under the lager family. With my Hef on hand and the Dodgers winning the game. The night was a great success. (Photos)

~ by Golden Foam Notes on July 11, 2012.

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