Chuca’s mancave – Lil Havanna

Chuca’s mancave – folks with money congregate at country clubs, yacht clubs and reminisce of their ivory college days – sipping on euro champagne and eating caviar. Us blue collar folks go to the local dive bars, drink “piss” beer, order some buffalo wings, watch a game and talk about our high school football days. Then there are the Mancaves were a man has a dedicated space at home to entertain his compadres, example Garage. This video is Luis Machuca’s man cave aka Little Havanna – his theme is based on his favorite Los Angeles sport’s teams. He has autographed memorabilia posted and custom paintings that were commissioned. We play poker, blast Chalino Sanchez music (Mexican folk singer) and watch games on his HD projection screen. And of course beer, and plenty of it. He also has an eclectic stash of Tequilla, he brings out the tequila for special occasions. The crux of the Mancave is that men can be men and male camaraderie ensues.

~ by Golden Foam Notes on June 28, 2012.

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