Golden Rd Brewery, The York, Johnny Bar

Friday 6/22/12 – The entourage wanted to get some drinks after a long work week. We started off at The Golden Road Brewery and ended the night at Johnny’s Bar (Highland Park, Los Angeles). The highlight of the night was a drink called El Jefe Anejo served at Golden Rd. This is a mix concoction of a Hefeweizen and tequilla ingredients. Served in a Snifter glass (picture to the left), turns out glassware is important to beer presentation and maximizing the beers aromas, taste, etc. The glass did capture the true aromas of the beer. I took a sniff of the beer and it smelled like apples!I took a taste and also had a fruity taste. I didn’t recall a bitter aftertaste. After a couple rounds at Golden Rd, the boys wanted to venture to Highland Park, Los Angeles. We ended at a place called The York. We arrived a bit after 10:30 pm. A dj was set up, playing old school hip hop. There is a dance floor. The crowd was mellow, from what i heard, kids at about mid 20’s to late 20’s frequent this place. They had a full bar and food. I picked on a Guinness stout, she was dark,lovely and boisterous.This is a dark beer made from roasted barley and originated from Dublin, Ireland around the early portion of the 1700’s. Avg ABV is about 8%.After a quick buzz at the York, we hopped on next door to Johnny’s Bar. This is a local hangout and a diverse of patrons frequent here from the transplant hipsters to the reform cholitos. They have an array of craft beers on tap, but didn’t order any brewski’s, I met my beer consumption quota of the day! Oh, as we were closing down the house, an old fashion beer bar fight took place. Yep, Highland Park hasn’t changed much and I love it! (Photos)

~ by Golden Foam Notes on June 25, 2012.

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