Father’s Day 2012

So off to El Torito restaurant, to celebrate Father’s day. The wait was about 30 min, but the bar was empty. So my brother, Pops and I headed to the bar and left the ladies and children behind. The beer menu had all the pop beer classics, and on draft they had Modelo Negra, Tecate and Coors. I gravitated to the Modelo Negra. In English “Dark Modelo” the beer is a Vienna style lager. An immigrant Austrian created this beer in Mexico right at the turn of the 19th century. This style was unique because traditional lagers had a golden appearance, but this lager had a dark texture to it due to a new style of fermentation. Unfortunately, my Modelo Negra was served too cold, and numbing my taste buds and destroying the aromas and flavor of the beer. I posted the pic of the Modelo, notice the sweat from the glass, it was real cold. But too cold is not ideal to enjoy the true flavors of a beer. They had a full stock bar and real cute umbrella drinks for the ladies.
I was kinda bummed out about the Modelo, and was craving some good beer, so eventually I took myself to Golden Road Brewery – to get me their staple beer – Point the Way IPA. This is a fruity aroma bitter beer that taste really good and put a smile on my face immediately. The IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is a popular beer these days and plenty of bars are serving it . If you are willing to break away from your routine beer, then an IPA is a break through beer that will introduce you to the art of craft beers. LOL, the IPA is the gateway beer to bigger tastier, ballsy, beers!! Cheers (photos)

~ by Golden Foam Notes on June 19, 2012.

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