Verdugo Bar

So last night was my cousin’s birthday. So we took our traveling circus to Glassell Park, Los Angeles. For you westsiders, please don’t be scurred, the neighborhood still has it’s elements of the wild west, show respect to the locals and you will be good to go. Verdugo Bar , has an impressive line of craft beers.  We started the night light but then we hit it hard. I picked up on this fickle beast, she packed a punch for sure!! The beer is an Imperial Stout, by Dogfish Head breweries, one of the premier craft beer makers. As you can see the beer is served 1/2 (but don’t let that fool you, she will knock you off your ass) and punches at 9% abv, she is up there. The beer smelled like soy sauce and had a roast type taste, and went down smoooootttthhhhhhh!!The DJ was spinning hip hop, no dancing (but there was no dance floor) and the crowd starts trickling in about 11pm. The crowd is mixed and everybody was cool. Bartenders were attentive and informative. The mens bathroom is kinda awkward, tight and exposed to public when opening the door, not sure how the ladies bathrooms are situated. I like coming to this bar, it’s in my bar rotation. Cheers!

~ by Golden Foam Notes on June 3, 2012.

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